"For our Christian Bible is... is both in Old and New Testaments, both are a part of what it is to be into the Christian Bible, but there are many misunderstandings as to how the Old and the New go together. And so he'd asked a question with regard to that, and I'd had a previous service where the actual passage was from Galatians in Chapter 3, and we're going to start from that spot again, because I think I've said some things. I may have said something about this to the evening service, but I want for the morning service in particular to understand that there's something very important about how the Old Covenant and the New Covenant go together, and how the Old is an introduction to the New, but there is something to be learned."

Breaking Chains

19th November 2023
"I don't know if you've ever had seen what happens when people are affected in this way by ice. But it's very interesting to compare a story in the Bible that we're going to look at tonight. It's in Luke. Chapter 8. We read the story of a man... A man who shows some very violent and very self-destructive behaviours."

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