This sermon delves into core reasons behind Jesus Christ's mission on Earth, culminating in His death and resurrection, particularly focusing on the issue of human depravity. It emphasises the deceitful and desperately wicked nature of the fallen human heart, as illustrated in Jeremiah 17:9-10, and our incapability of self-redemption. The preacher underscores the necessity of divine intervention, where the only solution to this profound problem is the regeneration of the heart through Jesus Christ. Highlighting the essence of Easter, the sermon calls for a personal reflection on one's spiritual condition and the biblical invitation to experience the transformative power of Christ's love and sacrifice, promising a new, redeemed heart capable of truly reflecting God's image.
"There's an aspect of the old covenant which is very, very strict and paints a picture that is stark and often causing folk to reject religion and reject Christianity because of the wrath of God as seen in the Old Testament. That is, however, not the full picture that is fair to God and who he is because even in the old covenant, there is a graciousness that is represented."

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