Being at Home in Heaven

28th April 2024
This sermon explores the human feeling of being at home in a new place. It draws parallels between these experiences and the Christian journey towards finding true rest and belongingness in Christ. Highlighting key Bible passages, the sermon emphasises Jesus’ preparation of resting places in heaven and His personal return to collect His followers. It assures believers that despite earthly disorientation, their ultimate home is with Jesus, who has made all necessary preparations for their eternal comfort and joy.
This sermon explores the significance of responding to God's call and forming a personal relationship with Jesus. Through the examples of biblical figures like Samuel and Philip, the message emphasises that true Christianity centres on a direct connection with God through His Word, rather than through church ceremonies or creeds. The sermon invites listeners to acknowledge, recognize and respond to Jesus' call in their own lives, highlighting the transformative power of hearing and accepting the Gospel.
This sermon delves into the Beatitudes, focusing on Jesus' call for Christians to respond with grace and patience to those who wrong them, as a part of their sanctification journey toward perfection. Drawing on the metaphor of going the extra mile, as instructed in Matthew 5:41, the preacher emphasises the importance of not being reactionary but rather embodying Christ's teachings in everyday interactions. The sermon highlights the story of Simon of Cyrene, who was compelled to carry Jesus' cross, as an ultimate example of serving without expectation of recognition, embodying the essence of Christian sacrifice and humility. Through these teachings, listeners are encouraged to embrace a life of non-retaliation, patience, and grace, aligning closer with the perfection of the Heavenly Father.

The Radical Authority of Jesus

11th February 2024
"Can I set you at rest that my aim this morning is not so much to go through the content of all six, but it is rather to see something about Jesus' method of delivery, and about the issue of authority, whether or not there's a place for tradition. And so to talk this morning about whether you're traditional, whether you're a conservative, whether you're someone who's a radical."
"Tonight we can look at a place where there actually is a snippet of the same material that was said by Jesus up the mountain, recorded in Matthew... And what it is about is discipleship, because it's about the calling of his disciples. In particular, to appoint twelve of those that he'd called to be apostles. And so what we're actually looking at here is Jesus seeking to call people into ministry involvements. To be an apostle was a specialty of serving Christ."

Paul’s method of discipleship

12th November 2023
"And no better way to find out how Christianity has been set up by God than to go back to the beginning of the first apostles, Jesus and the apostles. And to go back to the beginning of the first apostles, Jesus and the apostles. And the things that he told them to do. And so as a part of tonight we will be looking at the Great Commission."
"One of the things that we're finding very visible in the Gospel Record is the healing ministry of Jesus. It's actually in the Gospel of Matthew that the very spot we've been up to recently where it tells about Jesus moving from Nazareth down to Galilee and part of the purpose is for him to start his ministry. And then the text goes on to say about in that region of Caesarea on the lake side Jesus does a number of miracles. And one of the little comments there in Matthew is that all of the people who had diseases came and he healed them all."

Demon Possession

9th July 2023
"I want to talk tonight about one place in the earth which is lower, I believe, or one of the lowest, of any place in the earth. And it is somewhere which has a number of biblical towns that are associated with it."
"Tonight, we're going to be looking just a little at some of the organisation of the Church that we can see written in the New Testament. The reason why we do that, of course, is that we take God's guidance to us as to how the Church should be structured, is what we find in the New Testament, and we seek to follow suit to how they organised the early Church. It doesn't mean that everything will be exactly the same today because there are some significant things that have happened that means that the Church, we have now cannot be exactly the same as the Church in the first years of its existence. The reason for that was that there were apostles who were given a definition, a qualification, that they were chosen from amongst people who had been with Jesus before his death and after his resurrection."
"And what you've got there in this Bible passage is not the very first dealings Jesus had with those who became his apostles, and not the final dealings that he had, which we were looking at this morning in the morning message, where he gave the great commission to them at the end of Matthew's Gospel."

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