"For our Christian Bible is... is both in Old and New Testaments, both are a part of what it is to be into the Christian Bible, but there are many misunderstandings as to how the Old and the New go together. And so he'd asked a question with regard to that, and I'd had a previous service where the actual passage was from Galatians in Chapter 3, and we're going to start from that spot again, because I think I've said some things. I may have said something about this to the evening service, but I want for the morning service in particular to understand that there's something very important about how the Old Covenant and the New Covenant go together, and how the Old is an introduction to the New, but there is something to be learned."

Before Faith Came

19th November 2023
"We've been talking in the morning services about the two covenants, that's to say the Old Covenant and the New Covenant. We don't mean to imply that there's two ways to God. There used to be some people who thought that salvation was by one of two covenants and the Jewish people came in by one covenant and the other people are us coming in by another, the New Covenant. And the idea of the Old Covenant moving to the New is not that there's two ways to get to God and the Jewish people have one and we have another, but it's because of the progress that the one God making one covenant at a time was bringing people to himself. And the progress between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant is a part of what we've been learning. Knowing that we're talking on this topic, I've had some people ask me to comment on certain Bible verses so that this could be made clear, particularly about how do Jewish people get right with God and how do non-Jewish people."
"The unity that will shine out amongst the community, the unity that will help foster reconciliation is going to be underpinned by people clinging to the word of life, together clinging to the gospel, the message of Jesus. That kind of church community, one that is a community of people together seeking Jesus, seeking to understand his word, seeking to live out the grace of the gospel. It's that kind of church that shines as lights in the world, shines like stars in the darkness. The church can still shine like stars in this dark and depraved world by clinging to the word of life in gospel-shaped unity."

Pursuing Humble Unity

8th January 2023
"It's a group of people who believe in Jesus together, and are striving together for the faith of the gospel, to make the gospel known, to help one another work out, apply, live out the gospel in their own lives."

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