Leadership & Staff

Salisbury Baptist Church was established in 1956. We are a community of all ages, and a mix of ethnic backgrounds. We share a love of Jesus Christ and a deep desire to follow Him in our lives. We are a member of the Queensland Baptist www.qb.com.au family of churches.

The aim of our church is to:

  • Foster hunger for Biblical knowledge
  • Enjoy an openness in the Spirit
  • Demonstrate compassion for the lost
  • Make central the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ

Our church is led by our pastoral team. 

Jim and Michelle Gibson

The Senior Pastor and his wife lead the church as a husband and wife team. Rev. Dr. Jim Gibson is the Senior Pastor.

Dr. Michelle Gibson is the Director of Youth and Young Adults. She received her Doctorate in leadership in the pastoral track at Denver Seminary having a long background in youth work and evangelism.  Originally she was a trained high school teacher.

Jim and Michelle Gibson have been in Christian ministry together ever since they met in Michelle’s final high school year at Woolaware Highschool in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire. Jim was the visiting evangelist at the Caringbah Baptist Church and Michelle, although herself only converted to Christ for about a year, was one of the youth group’s enthusiasts. Michelle set up lunch time Bible study groups and taught  Jim’s sermons from the church as the  subject matter. The crusade went for four months with many people coming to Christ. At the same time their friendship was strengthening. They announced their engagement on the final Sunday.

Since then they have been busy in evangelism around Australia; both studied to Doctoral level; pastored three churches in three different states and have been raising 6 children. 

In the Salisbury church Jim, as Senior Pastor, has the role of leading and preaching. Michelle has been the director of youth and young adults. The family focus continues to be to take every opportunity for ministry that the Lord brings along.

Our pastors lead with the help of a “pastorate”, consisting of the church secretary, treasurer and elders. The ultimate authority of SBC is its membership and in between members meetings this is served by a church council that forms the executive body of the church.

Andrew Ashton – Elder

Richard Earle – Elder

Cameron Weir – Treasurer

Joseph Otte – Secretary

Nicola Otte – Office Supervisor & MAP Chairwoman

Janice Nial – E-Connected & Bulletin Designer 

Mission And Prayer (MAP)

Our Church engages in Global Mission through prayer and financial support. 

Our supported missionaries include:

  • Jack and Jo in Chiang Rai, Thailand
  • Craig and Sharon in Ukarumpa, PNG
  • Bethany, Guinea
  • Various local mission & evangelism ventures arising out of the church.

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