The sermon focuses on the Christian journey of righteousness, beginning with the gift of forgiveness through Jesus Christ and leading into a life of sanctification. The preacher emphasises the need for living out our righteousness not for human approval but as a reflection of divine standards set by Jesus. Through the Beatitudes, believers are guided on how to align their lives with God’s expectations, progressing towards perfection in heaven. The concept of apologetics is also explored, highlighting the importance of defending one’s faith with reason and respect, while living in a way that genuinely reflects Christ's teachings. This sermon invites listeners to delve deeper into their faith, understanding it not just as a belief system but as a transformative journey shaped by divine grace and sustained through personal growth in holiness.
This sermon is about living a Christ-centred life amidst adversity. It is drawn from 1 Peter 2:11-12. The speaker highlights the early Christian community's resilience and compassion in the face of ridicule and persecution, emphasising how these virtues led to the exponential growth of the faith despite societal opposition. Through the lens of historical persecution, both in the early church and in modern examples like South Sudan and Pakistan, the sermon challenges believers to embody their faith through honourable conduct, compassion, and engagement in good deeds, as prescribed by Peter and illustrated by the grace of Jesus Christ. The key message centres on the transformative power of living out one's faith through actions that align with God's call for justice, kindness, and humility, even in the most challenging circumstances.
"We didn't really have the opportunity to go very far down the road of tracking the meaning of the word sanctification. And in our salvation that God gives us is first of all how we get in the door right at the beginning. And sometimes that's called our justification. When God treats you, he puts you in the status of being justified even though you're a sinner. But because Christ has died for you and Christ has provided his righteousness to be ours."

God’s Varied grace

6th August 2023
"The content of this passage is Peter exhorting the church in the light of the fact that Jesus is going to come soon, and he doesn't know how soon, but he's speaking to the fact that Christ could come at any time, and they are in the end times, and therefore how should they behave, and what should they know about themselves."

Pursuing Humble Unity

8th January 2023
"It's a group of people who believe in Jesus together, and are striving together for the faith of the gospel, to make the gospel known, to help one another work out, apply, live out the gospel in their own lives."

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