"It is one of the joys of my time here in Salisbury to go around to the different home groups, and they're on different nights of the week, though there is one night where there's three of them, so I don't get to those three as often as the others, but to go around and to hear what God's people of our church are learning from the Word of God."

The Temptation of Christ

28th May 2023
"We are in the part of Matthew's Gospel which leads us to learn about Jesus' temptation in the wilderness. I don't know whether you're used to listening to church services which make us say the Lord's Prayer."

The Tree of Life

28th May 2023
"It's a terrific thing to come together and know that we have connections broader than just our local church. It's very Baptist-like, you know, to see the centre of the church life being the local church, but it's also something in our heritage that we can have associations at a broader level."
"And what you've got there in this Bible passage is not the very first dealings Jesus had with those who became his apostles, and not the final dealings that he had, which we were looking at this morning in the morning message, where he gave the great commission to them at the end of Matthew's Gospel."
"we're particularly looking at ways to know how to measure, how to see, how to test whether you've got the Christian life in its fullness, whether you've got a complete Christian life, a full one, that's taking into account what it's all about."

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