This sermon explores the profound meaning of Revelation 3:20, addressing a debate on its interpretation and extending its application beyond conversion to the fervent love and fellowship Jesus desires with each believer. It challenges the notion that Christ's knocking at the door is solely an invitation to non-believers, emphasising also His call to believers to rekindle their first love and commit to a deeper relationship with Him. By juxtaposing this with references to the Song of Solomon, the preacher illuminates the mutual love between Christ and the believer, advocating for a personal response to Jesus' gentle but persistent invitation. This call to both conversion for non-believers and renewal for the lukewarm believer underscores the sermon's core message: Jesus seeks a passionate, loving relationship with each of us, inviting us personally to open the door to a more profound fellowship with Him.

Steps to the new beginning

31st December 2023
"I think a New Year's resolution often is when we come to a place of realising we need to make a decision as to direction. And we don't need to necessarily carry it all out or know everything about it, but we sometimes do need to take one step. And if I can help you today to take a step, an important step that the Scriptures help us to see is a part of what it is to be a disciple of Jesus."

Discerning Miraculous Signs

29th October 2023
"He said, 'not just because there are signs should you necessarily believe they're from God'. And he had a list of Bible verses which were actually telling of how some signs are not from God. And I thought gee that's something that we all should learn more about. And so that's where I've gotten this idea of a message tonight and we'll start a very obvious place in the book of Exodus."
"I particularly had in mind the fact that I wanted to speak this morning on the verse in Revelation 3.20, a very famous verse where Jesus says, Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come on in to that one and fellowship with him and hear with me, or I'll eat with him and hear with me."

The Tree of Life

28th May 2023
"It's a terrific thing to come together and know that we have connections broader than just our local church. It's very Baptist-like, you know, to see the centre of the church life being the local church, but it's also something in our heritage that we can have associations at a broader level."

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