21st April 2024

Revival and Worship in the New Covenant

Passage: John 7:37-39, 2 Chronicles 5:13-14
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This sermon explores the profound shift from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant and the critical role of the Holy Spirit in this transformation. The preacher delves into biblical instances of God’s manifested presence, such as the cloud filling the temple, to illustrate God’s continued desire to be amongst His people. The message highlights the need for genuine spiritual revival which often comes when heartfelt worship from God’s people occurs. This talk is especially relevant for those interested in understanding how historical biblical events in the Old Testament apply to modern faith practices and church life.

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It's good also to see the rest of you here in this period of time. The weather is changing and we're sleeping through the nights a lot more easily, in my case, because of the fact that we're in the seasons that change around. You know there's a promise in the Bible where God says that springtime and harvest and summer and winter will not cease till He's ready. And you can be troubled by the things in the world but know that God is still God and he has it all in his hands. Now this morning I want to talk from a verse one that is

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from the Old Testament we've been traveling through in our morning services about the old covenant turning into the New Covenant. And I've been emphasizing that because you really can't get to understand what the New Testament teachers till you see it in contrast to the change of the Covenants. and this morning I'll begin to get onto a topic I foreshadowed a bit of that in the e-Connected and because we have our members meeting I know I have to be short this morning and that'll happen at the end of the service by the way coffee will be available and hot chocolate or whatever you like so get that quickly if you're going to join in the Members Meeting because we have a The other people can still stay and be present if they wish, and they can be enjoying their

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coffee. But we're going to try and have that members meeting go through pretty quickly, and that will happen after the morning service right here in the sanctuary. But, so I have to be short this morning, but I've picked a passage which will just lead into the topic I'm interested about. And in that topic tonight, in the evening service at five o'clock, we'll continue more of the meat of it'. But this particular passage has relevance to me because of something that happened in, you hear me tell there in our old Church in Sydney in Ryde and how we had in a congregation people who were Christian workers in a group that was called CYTA. And it has closed down now

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as the people who ran it have retired. The Christian Youth Tours Australia was the name of that group and they used to put on all sorts of things for young people who are no longer young people in youth groups that were young adult age and they put on boat trips and cruises and they also put on music seminars and the lady of the family, the couple that ran this, sat on international committees to do with music and to do with worship and so it was quite an opportunity. used to have 60 people from our church in Sydney go along to this and to join in, because music was an important part of our church. Anyway, when I started going with my family, because they were from our church, they gave me a job and that was to participate in running the worship seminar and there was another

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person who was there to balance things. looked at because I was a teacher of theology that I'd be theological. It's a pretty good thing to say. Now the other person they chose was someone to balance me out and his name was Geoff Bullock. And he was a fellow who was famous for being a person who had written songs, Shout to the Lord the power your love, some of those songs are his, and he was someone who was into the foundation of the Hillsong movement. And before you think I'm going to say my opinions on Hillsong I want to tell you that I'm trying, I'm giving you some very good things about them, because the two men who founded it, actually I met them in the streets before and they told me what they're planning

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to do, and they wanted to take, to give a bigger place to music and to worship in the outreach of the church, and the whole idea of even the name Hill Song has to do with the idea of worship, originally in Jerusalem under the old covenant, but worship was something that's where God's house was set on the hill. And the idea of Hill Song was that the place of music in that, was just the genius that they were going to follow. While I was overseas I did meet people who told me very surprising news.

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They said oh we heard there was revivals in Australia, I said oh I didn't know. I had a chuckle on the inside of my face thinking that I don't know what it is that they heard, but it turned out they heard about Hillsong. Now I'm not sure that I would call Hillsong revival but I do know that the founders have been aiming at it, because of what they told me when we met in the streets before they actually got going and because of what the purpose of the involvement of music was in Hillsong. Now when this seminar started up, goodness me, we had two opposite approaches. I wanted to preach the gospel, I wanted a call for response, responses. I wanted for there to be a movement of the spirit because it's actually the aim of anybody involved in evangelism that you

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want to aim at something happening more than just evangelism. The Americans get it mixed up because they call your set of meetings a revival you get invited to revival it's just an evangelistic crusade that's because their lingo is mixed up the word revival and and and crusade or mission or whatever and but it is something that we in Australia often neglect, that the aim of things happening in church should always have an aim of if God would be pleased he would come and visit us with a special happening of the Holy Spirit and that is actually our aim in our church. But not because we make a particular doctrine out of it as to the assemblies of God when they talk about the baptism of the spirit. What we'll be doing tonight in the evening service is teaching about

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the Holy Spirit and particularly to bring an understanding of how God uses the terms because they are greatly misunderstood and there are two major terms that are misunderstood there are others as well but the two major ones is the baptism in the spirit and to be filled with the spirit and different people used those terms and mean quite different things. Well this other fellow that I had to work with he was of the opposite type from me and so he was quite an interesting character. He was very good at music and he's very good at worship design but he had one thing that absolutely took me and all my people from the Church and you know the sixty or so that we brought along got quite a surprise but he was, he used a smoke machine. He had it somewhere behind where

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you couldn't see but he could press the right buttons and out would come a cloud. And where he got it and his rationale for it was this very verse. I will read it again, it was the duty of the trumpeters and the singers to make themselves heard in unison in praise and thanksgiving to the Lord. And when the song was raised with trumpets and cymbals and other musical instruments in praise to the Lord what they saying was, he is good for his steadfast love endures forever. And then the commentary at the end in the house in the house of the Lord it was filled with a cloud. Now that wasn't an unusual thing by the way because in the old testament there's episodes where God comes and signifies his presence as being in a cloud as he led the

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Israelite through the wilderness a cloud in the day and a fire by night. And also when they were the finishing of the temple, and I think this Second Chronicles passage has to do with when it lasts, the temple under Solomon was finished to be built. There was a dedication of it. And this is the moment where God came and filled the temple symbolized by this cloud, the cloud representing the presence of God. And so verse 14, so that the priests could not stand to minister because of the cloud for the Glory of the Lord filled the house. There was a sense of the presence of God. Now I don't know whether you've detected it or what you think of this but it is actually the aim I have every Sunday that the chief feature of the morning is not necessarily

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all the wonderful music, and we have an amazing group of people who keep on turning up with new songs and doing things that we are glad for their interest. Thank you, Lord, for allowing there to be the new shift that we've had to have, a compare person, which was Angelene, and I didn't know you were on deck, Angelene or Angie, I thought that was a rather good that you were here, and you Angie was a chaplain as we all know at the local school and so we're giving her something else to do which is good for us. Here in the church to be one of the Compeyes, there'll be different ones coming to do that role. But anyway

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it says here in the text that verse 14 the priests could not stand to minister because of the cloud. I want to tell you something in the history of revivals, where God does work in a revival. One of the features is sometimes the people who are used to running the show, I don't mean the Compair people, Angelin, but the people who are the ministers are used to thinking that everything they arrange is what makes it go. One of the features of times when God's Spirit steps in, is, he really steps in and the people who think that they're running the show have been upstaged by the presence of God. And sometimes revivalistic meetings have agendas

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that no one has, but God has. And things happen and meetings don't finish at the time as people think they're gonna finish. Now this was brought home to me that I had an Australian lack of understanding of revivals. North American Christians are used to having it as one of the prayer points to pray the next revival comes idea and when I transferred in my studies to Wheaton so because I was an evangelist they gave me the role of looking after the chapel I thought that a most unusual the little chapel where no one is it's not

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the big chapel where 2,000 students came to listen to the big-time visiting speakers but a little chapel which was open for prayer for anybody to go in and someone would be a chaplain there to help and they gave me that job and but they told me that the purpose of the chapel is to pray for the next revival and I remember being rather skeptical in my inward thinkings revival they only come when God wants them that's very rarely well anyway and nonetheless I took up the role and we would have people coming and we would pray for the next revival. Now while I was there finishing the degree I was doing nothing happened much in terms of revival but after I'd left and I was getting the newsletters to my surprise opening up, revival had come and it came to one of

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the big chapels with two thousand students weeping, not going back to classes. Because God had come and when God comes when the cloud is there the sense and the presence of God takes over. That's our aim for our church. What an aim to have, it's one that you can never produce by your organization just as well because I'm not really an organizer type person as you all know. but God takes over. And in the case of this dedication of the temple in the Old Testament, the cloud came and those who would administer which meant more with sacrificers, sacrificial acts

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and walking around in uniform, you know, they couldn't do it because the cloud of God's presence filled the house. Now the trouble in the seminar down there at Kumam Music seminar, when my friend was leading and would press the button and the cloud came out. The cloud wasn't up to much scratch. He was just smoke where you could get away from. He had a smoke machine and I might have given him an appearance of a cloud

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But it was his rationale for doing that. He just alerted me to the fact that there's nothing like the real thing. When God comes we don't need a cloud machine. So that was my attitude but I went along with it because we have to share what happened in half his doing and half mine. Actually our people taught him an old hymn. Did you...do you like some old hymns? I love modern music I have gotta tell you and I like that we are not stuck in the old mould of some old Baptist churches. but some of those hymns

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are very, very precious in their words, and there was an old one that the people of our church had that they communicated to him, and he wrote different music, and it's one, in a minute my mind will remember what the wording was, but it's one that we all know today with Jeff Bullock's music to it. It's a worship hymn.

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So don't think worship is just what this culture does or back in the old days does or the old format did and the old hymn books. I've found some of the old hymn books out the back. I haven't thrown them out. Someone asked me to throw all these things out and I've kept the old hymn books because I like going through them. And, but I want to tell you that the cloud is not something humanly capably of being produced.

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it is because of the real literal presence of the Lord and one of the features of church life is I know, I don't know if you're a person who has been around the different churches but you can tell when you know you're in the presence of the Lord. Now he's told us that we're in his presence whether we feel it or not but he is able to make his presence recognizable by the cloud of whatever sort that is. That's the point of the passage, I hope you don't miss it. There are some people in Christendom, I use that word as a general circus of differing opinions as to what Christianity is but in the general availability of a Pandora of ideas as to what is real Christianity there are some who wanted to be so totally cerebral in just the ideas and the doctrines. Where I

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was studying in Dallas they were like that a bit, but not totally, but they saw me as a charismatic. As a matter of fact they wouldn't let me do my doctorate there but gave me recommendations elsewhere. And eventually I did try and go elsewhere but came back to them and they told me at the committee meeting and they had to tell me I could come in in the doctoral course. They said, we don't mind admitting Charismatics now, and I thought, what a joke that is.

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Cos back here in Australia, and particularly at the College, the Charismatic people looked at me as the old conservative, you know, it was just about doctrines only. And as a matter of fact, this church got a reputation when I first came preaching here. And I heard it from nearby churches, oh don't worry about them,

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basically they were saying, he just gives them theology. And I thought to myself, well that's true but it's not like they think. And the best theology will produce real experientialism. There's a link between the propositions of the word of God and the work of the spirit of God and that's sort of my aim at talking this morning. And the priests, they couldn't minister

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because of the cloud, when God took over and that's the revival that we should be aiming at. It won't necessarily be a cloud come in the windows, it'll be something different. That the history of revivals around the world tells you that God is never stuck in a pattern that he has to do. He's not someone that when you wanna come to Christ, you don't have to do it in a certain role, you have to say the exact right words.

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There's many a person who's come to Christ and the wording of their prayer to have Jesus as their Savior wouldn't impress any theologian but God was impressed. If you're here this morning and you don't know Christ, I'm going to tell you you're only ever one prayer by sincere prayer away from letting Jesus Christ be your Lord and your Savior and the wording of it doesn't matter. You know, like the little boy in school one day, who I caught lying. And I told him that he needed God to help him and let him think about it outside. And he came back in and sat down sitting at his desk. I saw him, he put his head on his arms, he put his hand up but he couldn't see me so I didn't know what to do, I was his teacher. And then later I talked to him in the break. I said Peter, what were you doing. And he said I put my

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my hand up to God. Who knows this morning you're here and it hasn't broken in on you. You need to do business with Christ as Lord and Savior and how you express that is not the point. It's that you're sincere. You make an approach to God to business with you. If that is you, you can talk to me afterwards. You can ring up during the week. Some people do that. We come down here and just have a little prayer with no one else around. Sometimes I put a piece of paper out for people to write their names. And if you want to do business put your name and telephone number. How you respond is not, but how is not what matters. It is that God is speaking to you, and he's calling you to come and to know him. And when God comes into the scene, what the ministers do is not the point. What a fantastic thing.

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Well that was the beginning of my realizing this verse was here in the Old Testament, but it also gave me a bit of a theological kickback because I think in my own theology I had worked out, you know, how to define all the different terms but I think I over-defined them and two of the terms that are very important about the Holy Spirit, and he's working in the church, the term the baptism in the spirit and the filling with the spirit. And why there's a bit of confusion of that is because the words themselves Just meant to be descriptive words of an event that occurs. The baptism in the spirit means the spirit comes and overwhelms you and covers you when you have a baptism and some people do it by pouring water over the top.

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If the water goes over all of them then that is equivalent to what the word baptism means. You can see it there, baptismal tank where we immerse people. and baptist people generally make a big doctrine that baptism means immersion what the word baptism means that you're covered all over and the covering the water symbolises the covering of the spirit now the water doesn't do it it's just a picture and so I often say when someone gets baptized, you know all you're doing is getting wet really counts is what God does when he gives you of his spirit. Now the term baptism in the spirit is, I won't refer to you to look it up because I want to

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go somewhere else in a minute, but the term at the day of Pentecost. When the New Covenant was first inaugurated, the day of Pentecost came the apostle Peter preaching, preached the gospel and at the end of it he gave a call for people to come and to come to answer the call of God to take Christ as their Savior, to recognize him as having died for them, to become Christians basically. And he worded it so as many as the Lord our God shall call. So there's an event that occurs when God calls people to come into his what is the new covenant being Christian is the new covenant and when you come into that new covenant two things are what you get, you're listening, one is you get the forgiveness of sins which is a total God accepting you despite your sins. Despite the

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fact of your guilt, he gives you a righteousness that comes from him. It's the forgiveness of sins it's absolute, it only needs to happen once and you have the forgiveness of sins. It's not just confessing your sin for this little one that you did wrong during the week, it is something far bigger. The second thing you get the second blessing of coming to Christ of answering the call of God to become a Christian, to get into the new covenant, which was the first moment three thousand people are going to do this to answer Peter's sermon, is that you also receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. And early in chapter one of the of Acts later at home you can look it up where Jesus is speaking to his disciples, that not many days hence you shall receive the gift of the Holy

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Spirit, and sometimes the words that you'll be baptized in the Holy Spirit so the descriptive word baptism is not something other than the initial moment of receiving the Spirit, it is the very event that you become a spirit indwelt person and the Holy Spirit and you are together. What makes a difference between between the old covenant days and the new covenant is merely that the Holy Spirit did come in the old covenant days but he didn't come permanently. He didn't come to exercise to bring about the fact of you having received the spirit permanently into your life. That is a new covenant thing. And why did God stage this that you couldn't in the Old Testament days get the permanent receiving of the Spirit King David had to pray take not your Holy Spirit from

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me and there's the example of the King before him Saul, who had that happen and he had been a spiritual man someone who actually had spiritual gifts but then he sinned against God and God took away the Holy Spirit from him but King David was afraid of the same happening to him when he had sinned, take not your Holy Spirit from me is an Old Covenant thing that you better pray, because the Holy Spirit was never given permanently as he is in the New Covenant, but when a person answers the Gospel, when a person that responds to the call of Jesus and lets him be their Lord and Savior, what happens is that the Holy Spirit comes to take up a permanent residence in your person. He comes to bring all that God is to be in you, he comes to exercise a lead that he's gonna

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to hear from heaven. Once the Lord and our Saviour, Jesus Christ, has been resurrected and lifted to heaven and glorified in heaven, then was the moment that came of the Holy Spirit being given by the Father and the Son who sent the Holy Spirit to His believing disciples, happening on the Day of Pentecost. And they permanently received the Spirit to be Christians forever. The possibility thereof at least. Some people argue as to whether a Christian can be lost. I don't think so. But anyway, I want to say to you that the twin blessings of the day of Pentecost and the offer of the Spirit is not so much whether you use the word baptism or full. Because if God intends to use you in a special thing you'll also use the word fill, which means to be controlled, and that's

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what happened the day of Pentecost and they read outside and began to speak in other languages and people from different parts of the world, who were in Jerusalem at the time could hear them in their own tongue, they were amazed. That was a miracle that God did then, by the Holy Spirit He took over from the regular leadership that might have otherwise occurred just by what the Spirit did, and there were a lot of people then who were speaking in tongues and, oh well anyway without getting sidetracked can I tell you that the second gift of you get when you come to Jesus is the gift of the Spirit, and and receiving the Spirit or baptizing the Spirit is just two subtle different descriptors

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as to how that is seen at that moment. Now, let me also say how I give you a proof so you don't just think this is Jim with his ideas. They are my ideas but they are what the Bible teaches I believe. But let's turn to the gospel of John and we're looking back to a time when Jesus is present. He is the Messiah that was expected. He's operating as the person who will be the leader of the new covenant days,

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but the new covenant time has not yet come. And it's in John chapter 7, and verses 37 to 39, in the middle of what Jesus chose as one of the biggest Jewish type of feast there was gonna be. If ever there was a moment for the old covenant to have a ceremony. If this were to be something that you could've done at the Kuma Music Seminar, sure the people that are from CYTA would have tried to do it. In fact, they sometimes talked

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about the leaders or the people who would go down the steps to a certain pool and get some water and carry it up. The whole choir of singers who would sing selections from the Psalms. They would be singing them as they would come up and these big containers of water would be carried in with all the people watching up on the platform above. as the people watched they take these big jars of water and pour them over the altar. It's a picture of the availability of the Spirit and in that moment as the crowd were watching, they'd seen that ceremony every year, they didn't know what it was really about, they didn't feel anything much more than the wonder of the ceremony. Jesus stood up and He had a cry and this is it on the last day the feast, that great day Jesus stood up and cried out, If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and

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drink. Whosoever believes in me, as the scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water. He's talking about when the Spirit comes to you. You don't have to make the action. There's no pumps needed in this river. It flows. And what's more they're living waters, sometimes I use that to mean for running water. Sometimes I mean that to be for fresh water. The picture of the Holy Spirit, there is always a freshness of the work of the Spirit when He's present, now this He said of the Spirit who, look at it, those who believed in Him were to receive. meaning were yet to receive, for as yet the spirit had not been given because Jesus was not yet glorified. The key to the coming of the cloud, the key to the fulfilment of that great shout and promise of Jesus which was not there yet, they'd have to wait, was something that had to happen to him

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He had to be glorified. In the case of Jesus that meant His resurrection from the dead. It meant after the 40 days of appearing to the disciples His eventual ascension to heaven, and in heaven God the Father chose to make Him the pinnacle of the leadership of the Godhead by taking Him. You know when Jesus was born at Christmas time in the manger the name that was given to him was the name given to him because he'd taken on humanity he didn't have the name Jesus a might have been prophesied but didn't have the name Jesus until he was born and that's why on one spot God can say this day I'm he's forgotten a son this day you are for my begotten one that's why we call him the only only begotten sum, there's another reason as well. But the idea of Jesus, that he is the name given when he took on humanity when the second person of the trinity who'd always

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been the Son of God, who always have been a part of what God, our one God is, this one came down in humility and took on humanity and became Jesus, the name given in his humanity. But after his resurrection and eventual ascension when God the Father took him to heaven, God made the name Jesus to be the name that was bestowed on the greatest power and the greatest status that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is lord to the glory of God the father. God the Father does not miss out by making Jesus lord it is to the glory of God the Father. But this was the event that happened that had to happen before the people listening to Jesus there on that Jewish Feast time could get what he promised. If somebody had a runover to him and said, Oh, I'm for it,' he'd have to have told

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him, You've got to wait a little bit.' The Gospel is telling us this, John's Gospel, the Spirit had not been given because Jesus was not yet glorified. the givenness being talked about, is the once and for all givenness in the New Covenant, which you don't lose, which stays with you. So even though you have your ups and downs- and all people who become Christians have their lots of ups and downs- we're a body of people who don't necessarily let on that we have our times of failure, spiritually, times when we slip up and are tempted or times when we sinned. But something had to happen to Jesus to be glorified. And what happened to Jesus that he is glorified in heaven now, why did the cloud come in

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the Old Testament time? Because they'd finished the temple and God was owning it and because they sang in unison, in fellowship, in unity and they sang together and they gave thanks. You can check this out for yourself by going through the Old Testament whenever God has done a great deliverance and see how the people of God sing about it. See some of the words in the Book of Psalms. One of the great events was when God took them across the Red Sea and the armies of Egypt were coming and running to take them back again. Terrible things were going to happen to them. Caught between these armies and the Dead Sea. Moses wouldn't put his rod into the waters and the waters parted, the Israelites went over and then the Egyptians tried to follow. But when the Israelites were over

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God let those waters come tumbling down and drowned the lot of them and so the children of Israel got a song that they sang, a beautiful song, the song that talks about how God had given them the victory and the facts that the horse and the rider were thrown into the sea. God has triumphed or we have triumphed gloriously the horse and rider. Thrown into the sea they made it a song and one of the things of worship is meant to do is meant to be a song which echoes the victory of the Lord. It's not talking about what we do and what we've achieved the songs that the songs of God wants to hear heard, are sung, not just cause he wants to be blessed and praised. It's because it's true, that when we recognise who God is, that he has done it all and we've done nothing except to

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recognise it and to enjoy the blessing of it. The horse and the right are floated to the sea. Can't you feel the sense of victory of those Israelites, who just a short, maybe was it an hour or two before we're trembling in fear, of the sound of the hoof-beats coming after them, thinking they're all going to get killed or taken back to Egypt. And then God steps in and he does the miracle, and he saves them. And one of the most beautiful things in a song that is a song of praise is where there that sense of the victory of God that he has done and it's all about him and his blessing and his salvation and all our hearts are free because of what God is and who he is and that's what they were doing this day they sang songs about the

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Lord in the temple had the cloud calm the cloud came it was a symbol of the presence of God. I'm not going to go on any longer I think my message is plain to you that it is when we worship him. Don't look at all the doings of the church as the main thing I hope there's no one who turns up for the members meeting but didn't bother come to worship first. I guess if there was someone who had a legitimate reason I'd have to give in and say yeah yeah, okay, I understand. But worship is the chief event of the church. Did you hear me? It's the chief event of the church. That which we do in the worship is to give the praise to God. When Jesus is glorified is when revivals come too and The difference between some revivals and what actually happened at Pentecost is

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Pentecost was the beginning of the new covenant where Jesus worked to be glorified. Both His death on the cross, His resurrection from the dead I shouldn't have said both, but including all His ascension and His coronation in heaven. The coronation of Jesus as Lord, the same is true in our Christian experience. When you come and get the benefit of how he died for you, relax and know your sins are forgiven. When you get the benefit of knowing that he rose for you, and like last Sunday we're talking about knowing the power of his resurrection. And when you get the benefit of having in your life handed over to him, let him wear the crown. Some of you here need to go home and say, God I'm sorry, I've been leading my own life, but I've changed the subtle meaning of

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leading. I mean you've been wearing the crown. Jesus has been crowned and when your worship is to tell him you'll bow the knee to him for every direction he gives then you know that he is pleased and his Spirit moves. That's the key to knowing the power the Holy Spirit is actually bowing to the Lordship of Jesus. The Spirit was not yet given because Jesus was not yet glorified. Have you never come to the place in your recognition that you need to glorify Jesus only. He wrote by giving an example to finish, I'll give two examples to finish, you know I'm going to stop. One is our good friend Andy, Andy Ottey, Joey's dad. When he first became a Christian he was a very successful sort of personality in the church, in

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his school, everywhere and he's a sportsman playing for some national team, one sport or other but I got him to speak. I thought I saw in him potential to be a preacher but every time he preached it was a flop. We didn't, I didn't what to do next? Michelle had arranged for a group of us to take trips to West Australia, this is from Adelaide and and he was on the team and he had an experience of doing business with God. When the Lord asked him, or he told the Lord I think the Lord asked him, to get off the stage not the literal one, but stop putting himself in the centre give glory to God and his giftedness turned up pretty well from that moment on.

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The second illustration is, it is the final one, I will stop now, is in terms of music it doesn't really matter most, it matters some, but it doesn't matter most about the culture and whether it is up to date or whether it's old-fashioned. I had the joy and the blessing of listening to my mother's singing, around the house I didn't know she had been quite a traveling singer in her younger days, but around the house that she had one song, well she had many songs, they used to speak to me when I have prayer time sometimes I do that sometimes I do that in the backyard, if there's no one home, and her songs come back. There was one I'm just going to read you the words, which is difficult for me to read, but I will. It's real old-fashioned and the music if we had it sung, you'd hear it as the old style from a couple of generations back. The title is For All My Sin. It was

40:32.940 --> 42:24.140
his love for me that nailed him to the tree to die in agony for all my sin. For my own guilt and shame the great Redeemer came willing to bear the blame for all my sin. Oh what a savor is mine. It goes on the scene and there's several verses the same. It's rather amazing as they made the last word rhyme all the way through each verse. It's a very beautiful old song but it's someone you can't sing that song. If you've never understood the cross has been where he died for you, where your sins were given. If you've not carried it through to the fact that he conquered the grave he's now alive to be your Savior. He's gone back to heaven where he's been glorified that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow. And he offers you to have by his Spirit coming into your person bringing his rule to bear. Unless in your mind and heart and will you've glorified him as the Lord and Savior he truly is. You won't ever really know

42:24.140 --> 43:55.640
the fullness of Christian experience. But when you glorify Jesus something connects with heaven and you and the Holy Spirit. And when we do that as a people and we have unity and we put it into our how we worship and what we do then it is there will be who knows if what God doesn't intend to bless Australia and start all places in the Salisbury Baptist Church. He doesn't have to do that he'll do it whatever is his place he wants to start. But it is because when you have a Jesus who is glorified and when you get unified in worshipping him as such you really will get the real cloud come in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Let's pray. Heavenly Father I thank you for the Gospel that tells a glorious message about Jesus. I thank you for that song someone sang or penned in recent times about worship with the idea about. It's actually all about You. And I pray that You'll help us to get a grip on

43:55.640 --> 45:21.380
that, and Lord, to bring ourselves in line as people who've come to Christ and received the Spirit that once and for all happening of being yours never to be lost. And whether we're open to different times being filled by the spirit where you have a purpose and so you come and ask to do your will, Lord I pray that you'll do something special this morning in someone's heart, many people's heart maybe this morning here, and help them to walk out the door with every intention to let the whole of their lives be a song, a hymn, a glorious recitation of the victory that you have done, Lord, whatever might be our red seas to cross over and Egyptians to escape, that we will always have a song the horse and rider thrown into the sea, the Lord has done gloriously and that there will be a worship centre in our lives that other people will see too and come to Christ. We ask this in Jesus name Amen

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