This sermon explores the profound meaning of the phrase "Thy Kingdom Come" in the Lord's Prayer, emphasising the concept of God's Kingdom as both a present reality and a future promise. It highlights Jesus' role in fulfilling all righteousness through His baptism and subsequent ministry, showcasing His pivotal function in God's redemptive plan. The sermon also delves into the importance of the Holy Spirit in the life of believers, encouraging them to seek the Spirit's filling to live out God's will on earth, embodying the Kingdom of God here and now.
"It only really works for the musketeers to give themselves a role. It only really works if the king is a good king. If the king is not a good king, the whole expenditure of their loyalty isn't really worth it. Now, in the case of the Beatitudes, we have the one person who is a good king. It is the Lord Jesus Christ. And the Beatitudes are about how we can come."

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