This sermon explores the concept of sonship in Christianity, highlighting the transformative power of understanding and embracing one's identity as a child of God through Jesus Christ. It explores the differences between the Old and New Testament teachings on God's Fatherhood and how Jesus' introduction of the Lord's Prayer took this revolutionized this understanding. The sermon also underscores the importance of being born again, emphasising the role of the Holy Spirit in making believers true sons and daughters of God by new birth from above, as further to our being sons of God by just being His creatures. The message extends an invitation for listeners to experience this divine relationship personally.
This sermon explores the transition from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant, emphasising that the achieving of righteousness was not without reference to the Old Testament era. Jesus was born under the OT law and gave full adherence to it. By Jesus, as our representative keeping the law, He completed it and also made Himself available to be a sinless sacrifice on the cross for our sins. He has thereby redeemed us from its curse. He cried from the cross “Paid in full!” or sometimes translated “It is finished”. He had paid off our humanity’s debt to God the Father and made possible our entrance into the New Covenant that God was setting up. The message then highlights the transformative power of this New Covenant, whose application is not another outward code pressing in on us, but a spiritual empowering from within. Jesus’ Divine life in our hearts through the contribution of the Holy Spirit. Additionally, the sermon delves into our faith relationship with Christ which permits us to request the Father in Jesus’ Name. Through practical examples and biblical teachings, the message encourages us to live out the righteousness of Christ authentically and prayerfully.

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