"But we're following Jesus because if you really want to learn about the Christian life, then he's the one to follow. And the more closely you follow him, the better you're off. And so we're looking at the temptations of Jesus and the usual wisdom that people draw out of them is sometimes a bit mixed as to whether they've actually hit the nail on the head as to what it's all about."
"Jesus only did what he saw the Father leading him or what the Father led him by the Spirit to do. And the words that he gave were the words of the Father. Jesus was the conduit of the kingdom of heaven, now down on earth, by virtue of him being that Messiah. He was expected by the Jewish nation, and that's who he was. And someone here has very nicely fixed that book and left it out on the table there by taking something and sticking it over that last page, it just says God, and allowing the final page to be the previous one, which very clearly says who he is, that he is the Son of God."
"That's what this morning I want to explain to you, that when Jesus passed the test in the temptation, he did the thing that he had to do in order to be on the track to be your saviour. You don't have to pass the test."
"It is one of the joys of my time here in Salisbury to go around to the different home groups, and they're on different nights of the week, though there is one night where there's three of them, so I don't get to those three as often as the others, but to go around and to hear what God's people of our church are learning from the Word of God."

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