"People say to me coming into the church that this season it's great to see the idea of joy being expressed by the church and our singing people have done that for us today in leading us and it was excellent and we thank you. And that's a part of why Christmas carols are so loved and utilised around the world... Now I like the one that we just sang because it's capturing another point of the truth of why Jesus came. He came to bring an answer to a problem that we had and it's been a very honest worded song. Come all you unfaithful."

The time of your visitation

26th November 2023
"What's interesting about these times when God breaks in with grace and calls upon faith is that it has a word that's used about it a way of writing and it's in our passage that we had in the Bible reading about Jesus talking to the Jerusalemites of how they did not know their time of visitation and the word visitation is used and I've been chasing up ever since that home group about the meaning of the visitation discovering it to be quite a technical word."

Breaking Chains

19th November 2023
"I don't know if you've ever had seen what happens when people are affected in this way by ice. But it's very interesting to compare a story in the Bible that we're going to look at tonight. It's in Luke. Chapter 8. We read the story of a man... A man who shows some very violent and very self-destructive behaviours."
"Which covenants are mentioned and taught in the Bible? So they're biblical in the sense that it's the scriptures that have presented that idea to us. And basically there are not as many as you might think. There is the covenant that God made with Noah. And so you could say the Noahic covenant, that he wouldn't judge the world by water ever again. And there's other covenants of that nature. But basically to do with salvation, the only real covenants there are are the old covenant, that God made through Moses, and the new covenant that God made through Jesus. And those are indeed taught as the covenantal framework in which our salvation is set."
"The atonement is Jesus' death on the cross and how that has worked for our salvation, how he bore our sins. And as commonly understood, it's really the question as to whose sins did Jesus take on him on the cross. And that isn't the only way to look at it, but it is about the fact of, well, who did Jesus die for?"
"This morning we're in the Beatitudes in the book of Matthew in chapter 5 verses 1 to 12. And I'm planning on going through the Beatitudes, but not so much racing through the whole of them, but just one at a time and see how we go. In this particular chapter, we have Jesus going up onto a mountain... His disciples came to him and he opened his mouth, which is the best way to teach, and he taught them saying, blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. I want to talk about what Jesus meant."
"One of the things that we're finding very visible in the Gospel Record is the healing ministry of Jesus. It's actually in the Gospel of Matthew that the very spot we've been up to recently where it tells about Jesus moving from Nazareth down to Galilee and part of the purpose is for him to start his ministry. And then the text goes on to say about in that region of Caesarea on the lake side Jesus does a number of miracles. And one of the little comments there in Matthew is that all of the people who had diseases came and he healed them all."

The Joy of Ministry

16th July 2023
"We're in Luke chapter 9, and these are the principles for being ambassadors for Christ that we can all get."
"It is one of the joys of my time here in Salisbury to go around to the different home groups, and they're on different nights of the week, though there is one night where there's three of them, so I don't get to those three as often as the others, but to go around and to hear what God's people of our church are learning from the Word of God."

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